California Geology Links

State rock of California- Serpentinite

Serpentinite rock

Santa Barbara Lecture Notes on California Geology
Overview of California
The California Geotour-Interactive map with lots of information and links to other sites.
"SCEDC(Southern California Earthquake Data Center) - Good site to find information about geologic hazards in California.
California Geological Survey - Another choice pick--includes maps and describes each geological region of California.
California's Geomarphic Provinces Geotour- An interactive map for info and photos of the provinces. Great link for your project!
California's Geology - Very straightforward and easy to navigate site on California's geology and resources.
Bay Area and California Geology Links - Includes a geologic map of the bay area and links to pages that detail geology typical to this region such as earthquakes and faults.
Geologic Information about California - An overall description of California landscape complete with links.
Geology of California - Information on finding resources as well as links for the San Andreas Fault.
Southern California Geology - A map and detailed information on the geologic history of southern California.
Virtual Field Geology - Includes a map and a collection of images of southern California geology.
Ecological subregions of the U.S., Chapter 39 -Information on California Basin and Range
Ecological subregions of the U.S., chapter 34 -Information on California Coastal Range Open Woodland, Shrub, Coniferous Forest, and Meadow
Ecological subregions of the U.S., Chapter 32 -Information on California Coastal Steppe, Mixed Forest, and Redwood Forest
Ecological subregions of the U.S., Chapter 30 -Information on California Coastal Chapparal Forest and Shrub
Ecological subregions of the U.S., Chapter 33 -Information on California North Coastal Range, Sierra Nevadas, Klamath Mountains and Modoc Plateau
Ecological subregions of the U.S., Chapter 40 -Information on the Mojave and Colorado Deserts
The Colorado Desert-An overview of the desert.
Table of contents -For all the ecological subregions of the U.S.
California Regional Environmental Education Community Network -Examine this page for a bunch of links to science topics related to California
California reptiles and amphibians-Search here for info on the habitats of these animals.
Ecosystems-Find links to every kind of ecosystem on the earth.

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