History of the Theater

Ephesus Theater Broadway Theaters

Panto: Beanstalks, 'dames' and magic lamps - This CNN site gives background information on pantomime.
The Old English Pantomime - Information about the history of old English pantomime

Harlequin and Commedia dell'Arte
Chicago Clowns - Scroll down to Some History on Clowns for info on Harlequin and Commedia dell'Arte
Judith Chaffee's Commedia Web Site - More info on Commedia dell'Arte
The Comedians - From Judith Chaffee's site--pictures of typical Commedia dell'Arte characters.

Burlesque and Vaudeville
Vaudeville - A great site on the history of American vaudeville--complete with links--you can also hear songs and sketches.

Al Jolson - The World's Greatest Entertainer - Find out about Al Jolson and his brand of entertainment.
Black-Face Minstrelsy - Although the site is connected to the novel Huck Finn, it contains excellent information on what minstrelsy is, its background and a couple of sample dialogues.
Minstrelsy - Leads you to more links about minstrelsy.
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